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100Teacher Kit$95.00$0.00
131Textbook for Teachers$16.50$0.00
146CD for Teachers' Training$12.00$0.00
202Consonant Wall Chart$22.00$0.00
203Vowel Wall Chart$22.00$0.00
205Small Consonant Charts$10.00$0.00
207Small Vowel Charts$10.00$0.00
208Incomplete Consonant Chart$5.00$0.00
209Incomplete Vowel Chart$5.00$0.00
211New Diagnostic Tests$10.00$0.00
220See, Hear, Say, Do$6.95$0.00
221Sound, Spell, Read$6.95$0.00
224Brown Bear's Sound Book - Student Edition$6.95$0.00
225Brown Bear's Sound Book - Teacher Edition$9.95$0.00
226Brown Bear's Word Book - Student Edition$6.95$0.00
227Brown Bear's Word Book - Teacher's Edition$9.95$0.00
228Road to Power and Confidence - Consonants$6.95$0.00
229Road to Power and Confidence - Vowels$6.95$0.00
230Stepping Stones$6.95$0.00
231Stepping Stones - Teacher Edition$9.95$0.00
234Road to Power and Confidence - Consonants, Teacher's Handbook$9.95$0.00
235Road to Power and Confidence - Vowels, Teacher's Handbook$9.95$0.00
241Flipstrips, Consonants$6.95$0.00
242Flipstrips, Vowels$6.95$0.00
243Consonant Picture Pack$8.00$0.00
500Test Item$0.01$0.00
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