3 Basic Steps
  • The three basic steps are followed by advanced instruction covering: secondary spellings on Phonovisual Charts, comparison of sight and phonetic words, prefixes and suffixes, compound words, and other polysyllables.
Children learn to recognize, read, write and "say" consonant sounds in connection with key-word pictures on the Chart.

Children make transition form initial sounds in key-word pictures to initial sounds in the vocabulary of their own books

Children learn to listen through a word, identifying and writing first and last sounds, and applying this knowledge their reading.
Children learn to recognize and produce all vowel sounds on the Chart.

Children learn to recognize and analyze consonant blends.

Children learn to apply phonetic skills to reading, writing, and spelling of words using all primary spellings on the Vowel Chart.

Oral spelling: Children learn to make transition from sound of letter to its alphabetical name.